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Citizens Advice

Information from the national advice charity Citizens Advice


Useful information from the HMRC website.

Advice Now

This website brings together the best information and ‘quick guides’ available on the web.

Tax Aid

A charity that offers up-to-date information and tax advice on tax matters to individuals on low and modest incomes who have been unable to resolve tax matters with HMRC.

Tax Help for older people

An independent free tax advice service for older people on low incomes who cannot afford to pay for professional advice. Call on 0845 601 3321.


information about the amount of tax credits your client may receive

Find out if you qualify for tax credits?

Take 5 minutes to check using Gov.UK

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Problems with benefits and tax credits?

Information from Citizens Advice including challenging a benefit or tax credit decision

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Tax Credits

Information on Working and Child Tax Credits from Gov.UK

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Help if you owe money

Information on help dealing with debt and what help locally

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Information about Housing Benefit

This could include calculating, claiming and your entitlement to housing benefit.

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Local Welfare Assistance

If you are in immediate need, which will mean serious damage to the health and safety of your family. Links to Calderdale Council

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